Welcome to Dream of Harrogath, A private Diablo 2 server (1.13c) This Mod is dedicated to all the Diablo 2 Fans out there that like the game to be played as it was intended. We focus on giving you a Blizzard like experience with some exciting changes!
These include: higher experience rate, Custom Items, Runewords and Cube Recipes! to make the game more challenging we decided to add Bigger monster surround by smaller ones all over the Acts. We are doing are Best to keep the Game Balanced in Player versus Monster and Player versus Player. More info on the changes made HERE.
We are live 24/7 so feel free to play any time you like and have fun! The server runs supported by donations, if you feel like giving us a hand with a Donation you will get rewarded with some items, a full list can be viewed HERE
Below you will find information on how to Apply the Patch and How to Connect. More information can be found via the side links and the forums, while you're there why not Introduce yourself?

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Custom Cube Recipes

The following Custom Cube Recipes can only be made on Dream of Harrogath.

Rune Upgrade

2 same Runes + Perfect Ruby = next higher Rune (old upgrading recipes work also)

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Rune Downgrade

1 Rune + perfect Sapphire = next lower Rune

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Transmute Into White:

Standard of Heroes + perfect emerald + [any Quality (Normal, Magic, Rare, Set, Unique, Crafted) Armor, Weapon] its also possible to use rings,amulets and jewels but the output of that will be magic (blue) this recipe is for the purpose of re rolling the base of the item and will make every item white!

  • WARNING: every properties on the item will be Destroyed!
  • this will not re roll the properties on the unique,rare,magic,set,crafted item it will just make them white and will remove also all sockets! if the item was ethereal it will get non ethereal and white as well. the output item will be item level 99
  • this recipe can be used for example:
  • re roll the base defense of a achron plate to get as closest to 524 base defense before socketing it and putting a runeword in. re roll the properties of a Orb to get as closest to +3/+3/+2 skills (lightning,blizzard etc) before making the runeword Loyalty Re roll the base of a paladin shield to get as much + all resistance before putting a runeword in.

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    Add 1 Socket to Unique Item

    [Standard of Heroes + perfect skull + vex + "unique" (armor, shield, helm, weapon)] ethereal bug works with this recipe

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    Grand Charm Crafting

    Magic Grand Charm + Ber Rune + Standard of Heroes

    Grand Charm will get ilvl 99 and receive up to 4 affixes (2 prefix + 2 suffix, max 3 prefix + 1 suffix, max 1 suffix + 3 prefix) if you would like to have to see what possibilities you have you can have a look on the link below. you can not choose 2 or more properties from the same group.

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