Welcome to Dream of Harrogath, A private Diablo 2 server (1.13c) This Mod is dedicated to all the Diablo 2 Fans out there that like the game to be played as it was intended. We focus on giving you a Blizzard like experience with some exciting changes!
These include: higher experience rate, Custom Items, Runewords and Cube Recipes! to make the game more challenging we decided to add Bigger monster surround by smaller ones all over the Acts. We are doing are Best to keep the Game Balanced in Player versus Monster and Player versus Player. More info on the changes made HERE.
We are live 24/7 so feel free to play any time you like and have fun! The server runs supported by donations, if you feel like giving us a hand with a Donation you will get rewarded with some items, a full list can be viewed HERE
Below you will find information on how to Apply the Patch and How to Connect. More information can be found via the side links and the forums, while you're there why not Introduce yourself?

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About us

Dream of Harrogath is a Diablo 2 Private server free to play to anyone who owns a copy of Diablo 2. The server began life in late 2012 Dec, founded by Sonix and RageRiot.
Since then we have been making improvements to the player experience and the website it's self. we have formed a nice community of avid Diablo 2 players who also contribute in new Item ideas and also help new or old players get to grips with the games mechanics



  • Sonix - Project Leader - Game Modder
  • RageRiot - Technical Director/Advisor


Location: England - UK
A few Words, Hi, first of all I would like to thank you RageRiot for your awesome support! I remember the day I went up to you and said that I would like to set up a Diablo 2 server and without you the Server would probably not be as secure and well set up as it is now.
I have Spend uncountable hours modifying and testing this patch and I hope you like it as much as I do. In fact we would not be here Since 2013 if we would not get the Help from our Awesome Diablo 2 Community so Thank you very much!


Location: England - UK
A few Words, Hi, I've been involved in this project since the beginning when Sonix came to me to discuss the technical challenges that go into running and configuring a Server and a community of forums. I've really enjoyed this project because I have learned a lot.
my background is in computers from the age of 4 when I got to play on my fist computer such as the BBC Micro to the commodore then the 386, 486 onto what we have today. I stated playing PC game online around the age of 13 which is when I learnt how to build and repair my own system, ever since I have assisted friend and family with their own computer woes.
I teach my self all the stuff I know and have had little formal training, my skills are largely based on my initial interest and the need to know. When it came to building this Diablo 2 realm I did just that, taught my self HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, and continued to learn new things that revolve around server configuration and administration.