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 Patch 1.0 24th June 2016 
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This Version Will Download Automatically via our Dream of Harrogath Game Launcher.
In case you do not use it for some reason here is our Patch that can be downloaded manually: ... tch_D2.mpq


Nethercrow: changed negative resistance to 20 all resistnace.
Larzuks Champion: changed from self repair to indestructible, removed Blizzard on Striking and added the good old amplify damage on it!! 5% to cast level 10 amplify damage.
Rixots Keen: changed -enemys poison resistance to -enemys fire resistance, changed color to red.
Hocus Pocus: changed from 5% chance to cast hocus pocus when struck to 20% and reduced for PVP.
Wild Touch: changed from 10% chance to cast lv 9 attract to 20% lv 60 attract. dmg 0-30 to 10-40.
Lapendo's Fury: Increased Stack.
Added 27 droppable NV State charms!
they drop from: bigger monsters > Hell Global (everywhere) sooner or later you will find one :)

Not only do they give you a cool appearance but have always the perfect statistics!
20HP 5 all resistance / 20HP 20 Attack raiting 3 Max damage / 20HP 17 Mana

Tyraels Heart can drop now more then once in game (for exploit fix reasons)
Diablos Horn item level reduced to 85. (the monster level that will drop them)
State for Mephistos Brain changed and for Diablos Horn added, for PVP fair play reasons to see who's got them
Added also Andariel's Kidney state for the same reason as above.

Added one new unique Small charm:
10-25% poison length reduced.

This is a very rare small charm i had to add it for mathematical drop reasons.
The Game will allow you to carry only 1 of those.

High Rune drop increased like it was 2 ladders ago where everyone was happy :)
Lowered the new uber levels from 97 to 90.
Disabled the New Set items from drop. (its all about our old good unique items)
Removed the Destruction chests from Drop, this chest will be used for future events.
Increased Unique drops from bigger monsters in hell. happy farming!
Added dyes to drop from bigger monsters, uber Area and globally from nightmare+.

Sting's Hackmap (or maphack like i like to call it)
new item codes added, configs updated (dyes added chests added etc in vcb and the cfg)
included in our installer!

if you are using your own add this line to your
d2hackmap.cfg (replace purple with a color you have set your small charms to since this is a clone i had to make)

item colours[2155]:purple

and add this line to your

NV State, !nv: 2155

join our Comunity on Discord
Vote for our Server!!!

Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:34 pm

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Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:51 pm
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