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Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET
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Author:  sonix [ Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

Hi guys has been a while :)
Ladder reset will take place on the 1st February 8PM time CET

Patch update required!
It is advisable that you let the Dream of Harrogath Launcher handle the installation for you.
Make sure you have the latest Launcher, you can get it from here:

patch can also be manually downloaded and installed:
http://dreamgaming.co.uk/files/PatchFil ... tch_D2.mpq

What's new you ask?

New Boss!
Lord of the Underworld
The appearance of him will remain a mystery for now :)

Act 5 Abaddon, Pit of Acheron & Infernal Pit
His presence has caused disturbance in the Area and is now surrounded by a mysterious force which
has disabled anyone to teleport.
You will have to clear everything to get to him! ;)

What can he drop?
He will always drop 6 items.

Common drop:
Random ethereal indestructible base armors shields, helms and weapons to make your runewords in.
Ethereal Bug possible too!
Here some of the best stuff we have managed to drop!
Items_Eth_Indes.png [ 850.35 KiB | Viewed 2726 times ]

Note: He very rarely drops magic and rare items which will also be ethereal and indestructible.
In case he drops something unique it will not be indestructible.

One of those 2
Note: Changes has been made to the packs to guarantee more satisfaction. More info down below.

Very rare:
Destruction chest + Keys

NV State charms:

So you can look like this:

Very very very Rare (very unlikely you will get one):
Powerful unknown Set Items

What else has been changed?

:sur :ber Rune drops balanced :jah :cham :zod
in order to improve trade market.
Let's make runes something special again shall we?
We have had complaints that getting HR's is not as hard as getting
good items in game, therefore we have changed the Rune drops to
x1 for the runes sur - zod
El - Lo will stay x3.5 in order to attempt to repair the
the trade market. We will see how that goes.
Back in the days when we have made twice as many cows spawn we have never considered to tweak the rune

Burning Weapon and Diadem pack re-rollable items
In order to guarantee more satisfaction we have made the the items contained within the Packs
re-rollable, there is a 25% change that the item will lose the property on each re-roll.
Rerolling takes place inside the Horadrim Cube on its own.
This stat will be present on all items within those packs.
The items will also always be ethereal, indestructible and have 2 sockets.
To garantee a greater chance of ending up with a pro rare item.



rerollable.png [ 55.57 KiB | Viewed 2522 times ]

Dream of Harrogath Launcher Bug fixed where the News window would not update sometimes at start.
The new launcher can be downloaded here:

The launcher is also contained within our Dream of harrogath installer:

Author:  kulmack [ Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Patch + Ladder Reset Plans

It's a great news that there's going to be a ladder reset. It has been a while since I played D2 from the start. In my opinion there might be a few issues with ladder reset plans.
First of all, setting rune drop rate to x1 is a bold move, especially when you're trying to revive trade market. I'm afraid that wont work.
Let's try and analyze this issue.
1st problem -> setting a price
high price + no currency (higher runes) = no potential customers
low price + a lot of potential costomers = almost no value in item
2nd problem -> trading people
If someone has a unique valuable item it's almost certain that she/he has more than few high runes which correspond with 1st problem.

I know there are many fanatic players amongst DoH gamers and they will complete the game with most end-game EQ in 1 month, but there's also players that cannot sit in front of computer for 16 hours per day :D
If item drop rate remains the same as before there might not be a big problem with setting prices, exchange might be a good way to gather needed EQ but in time exchange will be replaced with rune prices, so trade market will crash like Wall St. couple of decades ago :D

Second issue are those F*&@IN' red portals in Act 5. My first encounter with them left a burning scar in my head, I dropped dead before I knew I was hit and it wasn't fault of lags, pings or anything. After I read there's going to be a new boss in those levels I started to wonder how many players actually have gone there and how many survived first encounter with any of those fu$%in' monsters. As I know there are maybe 2-3 characters with end-game EQ that can go in there and wont die in a blink of an eye. So my question is how many players will be able to see that boss ? :D

THX for this awesome server, kulmack

Author:  sonix [ Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

Thank you for your Feedback kulmack.

Yes there is no price list. May be it would not be a bad idea making one.
At the moment there is no struggle getting high runes but there is a struggle with getting the specific
unique item like e.g: deaths web, deaths fathom, larzuks champion, nethercrow and so on.

Even if it is a bad move setting the rune drops to x1
This is something that we can always change in the future without a big negative
impact on the economy i belive.

It is possible that after a month we will set the runes back to x3.5.
Positive thing about that is that it would give newcomers a chance to catch up with the existing players.

Act 5 Red Portals
This is one of the biggest challanges, I myself have cleared the area solo multiple times with gear aquired from in game.
This area is for very experianced players.
If you want to go over the top with the setup, take a e.g:
a Paladin zeal/smiter trigger fade from the treachery runeword before you go into the red portals, Have a maxed out barbarian give you battle orders and other buffs. So you'll probably have around 5-6k hp (make sure to have all inventory filles with high HP sc's. hp + cold/fire/ligh resistance)
don't rush into the mobs but lure some of them to you.
You will need to trigger life tap fast, use zeal and smite with fanatizism
If you fight the councils try to separate them. you can always use salvation + charge to move around.
There is a few tricks. Perhaps someone could write a guide on this.

Author:  Chazzy [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

:jah :ith :ber

Author:  JoeMamaz [ Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

Looking forward to playing. :)

Author:  LYCAN [ Mon Feb 04, 2019 4:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

Go GO Go

Author:  deadskulls [ Tue Feb 05, 2019 6:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

oh this is feb lest year i dont care

Author:  deadskulls [ Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET


anyone want a 100% auto new item doh pickup bot, and no limet on unquie sc's, pvt (or just fishing for sad cunts) tho i can do it, and did before i left, just ask anyone that sore the SS;s)

no i wonder did i save that some where or did i just give it to my gf at the time, oh well either way about 5 years of coding of making it pefceft down the drain, COS I JUST DONT CARE) no money will have me bring it back

well good luck to all, im tried, and im not going to help a single one of you

i would love to give SS to prove things, but photobukcket has died over the years, and i changed hhd to ssd over the years since ive been here, and ya i could get it all back but i cant, old drives get a format :p 2 setting at min, ask RR nothing comes back form that

tho heres a cookie, a cookie few while understand 161 - 163 unquie put // so it will pick repates, tho ya you find the right file for it

cos im tried and i just want to be left alone, wait how pmed me can i chew them out?

LEFT ME ALONE, im out of this, next time you ask for help, i will post your name, cos i have nothing to lost, im dead in about 31 days, i have 6 or more exs that want to see me dead, so i dont care i have NOTHING blod underline stars all that shit, to lose

and admin i know ive fucking told you before, but change the skills ids, cos for normal users it doesnt matter for bots it would change teleport to ice blast (or ect ect wherever) and it would brake them and make them cry

why am i still the only smart person here dispit RR when im flooded in a sky of whiskey and vodka bottles, and if you ever message me again and you know who you are, i will post your address, and you will pay in a great many ways

no leave god alone, so he can drink him self to death and numb the pain of all his alments,



im just playing the part

i am god or your god, internetnet god?

as well there 365 days in a year, and i was here within 5 days of a reset, scray i know, but for all that matters until i die, and it will be soon, i might as while be god

Author:  JoeMamaz [ Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET


Anyways, I feel the rune drop rate should be returned to 3x or even 2x. I have found 5 mephisto brains, but 2 ber runes. Not a huge deal, but I feel it was more fun with the higher droprate.

Author:  sonix [ Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ladder Reset + New Patch! 1st February 8PM CET

5 brains? Thats a hell of a lot. When and where did you find them? How long did it take?
Brain is an end game item that should drop very rarely.

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