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 World Event 22nd February 8PM CET 
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World Event ~8PM Time CET <-- Click
Diablo Clone will come in all hell games.

1 game per person allowed at this specific time
you can log multiple characters in after Diablo Walks the Earth.

Diablo Clone has to have minions to drop the Annihilus!!!
Please follow the guide below to prevent things going wrong due to a bug.

Diablo Clone Guide:
1. Wait for the announcement to create Hell Games For the Diablo Clone.
2. Create your Password Protected Hell Game and do not move out of town!! (you can switch between Act towns but don't go outside)
3. You will see the message that "Stone of jordans" will get sold, there will be a lot just be patient.
4. Be patient until you see the message "Diablo Walks the earth" (screen should shake as well)
5. go to the waypoint "Stony fields" and go to the stones (do not walk through cold plaines etc)
in case he is not there go to act 5 first way point and go up. Do NOT walk down to shenk!!

Here a list of other safe places to go that have been reported by our user Deadskulls.
Please keep in mind that this list may not be 100% accurate and we would suggest following the guide above.
Deadskulls Superunique Minion List


Corpsefire - 8
Bishibosh - 5
Bonebreaker - 8
Blood Raven - 0 (do not spawn here)
Coldcrow - 7
Rakanishu - 10
Treehead Woodfist - 5
Griswold - 0 (do not spawn here)
The Countess - 9
Pitspawn Fouldog - 7
Bone Ash - 0 (do not spawn here)
The Smith - 0 (do not spawn here)
Andariel - 0 (do not spawn here)


Radament - 6
Creeping Feature - 8
Bloodwitch the Wild - 8
Beetleburst - 6
Coldworm - 0 (do not spawn here)
Dark Elder - 7
Fangskin -7
Fire Eye - 6
The Summoner - 0 (do not spawn here)
Ancient Kaa the Soulless - 6
Duriel - 0 (do not spawn here)


Sszark the Burning - 6
Witch Doctor Endugu - 9
Stormtree - 7
Battlemaid Sarina - 10
Icehawk Riftwing - 10
Ismail Vilehand - 5
Geleb Flamefinger - 5
Toorc Icefist - 0 (tho you can spawn here since one of the those 2 will spawn frist) *tho maybe the minion count is just wrong for his page*
Bremm Sparkfist - 5
Wyand Voidbringer - 0 (do not spawn here, tho you wouldnt get here with out spawning bremm first, unless trying with tping after spawning him frist)
Maffer Dragonhand - 0 as above
Mephisto - 0 (do not spawn here)


Izual - 0 (do not spawn here)
Hephasto - 0 (do not spawn here)
Grand Vizier of Chaos - 10
Lord de Seis - 10
Infector of Souls - 10
Diablo    - 0 (do not spawn here)


Dac Farren - 7
Shenk the Overseer - 6 (do not spawn here, even tho he has minions due to his auto kill, he was long patched by bnet not to spawn, and so will not work)
Eldritch the Rectifier - 10
Sharptooth Slayer - 6
Eyeback the Unleashed - 5
Thresh Socket - 5
Frozenstein 8-9 (depends on his spawn spot)
Bonesaw Breaker - 8
Snapchip Shatter - 7
Pindleskin - 9
Nihlathak - 0 (do not spawn here, and do not be mfing him just after the selling starts)
Colenzo the Annihilator - 8 (or 16 since Doh doubles baals wave minions)
Achmel the Cursed - 6 (or 12 as above)
Bartuc the Bloody - 8 (or 16 as above)
Ventar the Unholy 10 (or 20 as above)
Lister the Tormentor - 8 ( or 16 as above)
Baal - 0 (do not spawn here)

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comment just dont to see it

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