Welcome to Dream of Harrogath, A private Diablo 2 server (1.13c) This Mod is dedicated to all the Diablo 2 Fans out there that like the game to be played as it was intended. We focus on giving you a Blizzard like experience with some exciting changes!
These include: higher experience rate, Custom Items, Runewords and Cube Recipes! to make the game more challenging we decided to add Bigger monster surround by smaller ones all over the Acts. We are doing are Best to keep the Game Balanced in Player versus Monster and Player versus Player. More info on the changes made HERE.
We are live 24/7 so feel free to play any time you like and have fun! The server runs supported by donations, if you feel like giving us a hand with a Donation you will get rewarded with some items, a full list can be viewed HERE
Below you will find information on how to Apply the Patch and How to Connect. More information can be found via the side links and the forums, while you're there why not Introduce yourself?

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Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:41 pm
Runes rarity + rune downgrading changed
Rune rarity drop doubled, happy farming!
Rune downgrade disabled for vex+ happy trading!
Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:28 pm
Server Side Patch update 31st july
Huge improvement on bigger mob drops.
Sun Jul 28, 2019 10:17 am
Server Side update 28th july
Patch has been applied

Buffed base item drops of:
magefist x3
homunculus x3
herald of zakarum x2
Oculus x3
shako x2
Arm of king leoric x2
verdungo/siggards x2
arachnid mesh x2
Sandstorm trecks x2
Gore Rider x2
Ravens dawn x3

Great poleaxe x1.5
Giant thresher x2
Cryptic Axe x2
Thresher x1.5

Highlords x2
Mara x2

Jala's mane -x3

Bigger mobs drops slightly tweaked for normal and nightmare.
Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:24 pm
recent updates
update 24th jul 2019

Bigger/enchanced mobs
increased rune drop by x3

Lowered drop for the following bases:
templar armor
matriachal bow
gore rider
war belt

update 22:
Ravens dawn buff
rings and amulets rarity adjustments

lowered drop of:
ceremonial javelin
Thu Jul 04, 2019 10:01 pm
Ladder Reset & Patch Update 20th July!
Hi guys,
First of all Big thanks to everyone participating in our survey

This survey has helped us tackling the main issues on our server
and improving the gameplay a lot.

So get ready for our best server patch ever!

the update can be automatically downloaded via the Diablo 2 Game launcher.
Manual download:
http://dreamgaming.co.uk/files/PatchFil ... tch_D2.mpq

What is being changed?

everyone is able to get the Items they need very
fast, as a result the economy suffers and there is lack of trades.
I didn't want to just nerf the unique drop rates,
everyone likes to see shinee unique item drops
So here is what I came up with:

Base Item rarity:
Until now it was impossible to tackle single base item rarity such as for example
the shako, however after hours of modding I am finally able to change every single base item rarity in game.
All base items will be balanced, you will need a few runs more to get your first unique shako
or a good base for your Enigma / CoH and so on.

Grinding Rework:
Tired of just running the bosses / nihlathak over and over?
Guess what, Bigger / enchanced monsters in hell can drop everything
that nihlathak or baal drops as well, you are no longer limited to run bosses only.
Farm bigger mobs all over Hell :D

Bigger / Enchanced monsters drop:
- more unique items now.
- runes up to Zod.
- mephisto brain
- nv states

Max item level of unique items are set to the minimum level of monsters in hell.
ilvl 67, if the base item can be dropped by the monster, such as e.g berserker axe,
it is possible that you will end up with a death cleaver or larzuks champion :)

The drop of bigger/ enchanted mobs varies from act to act slightly.
in one act there might be slightly increased chance of dropping an nv state, but a lower chance
of e.g good items. in another act there might be an increased rate of runes, but less change of nv.
the 3 modifiers that are different in every act are runes, nv state, good items.
I can give that much away that in act 1 the base rarity of those 3 modifiers has been set.
Act 2-5 have those 3 modifiers modified :D

Where is the best act and place for you to farm?
Take a journey through the acts and find out ;)

Happy farming guys!
Note: This is a first attempt to make this work, things might need to be readjusted during the ladder or the next one.
If you notice anything out of balance, stuff being to common, notify me straight away.

Rune Rarity:
Has been already changed in a previous patch, although the rarity for vex+ is about 10 times rarer, no one complained.

- Rarity of mephisto brains fixed.
- 1 Stone of Jordan will now spawn 100% a Diablo Clone (changed from 15% to 100%) Rarity of the Stone of Jordan has been adjusted.
- Level experiance Rate from has been adjusted from level 1-60 x2 (from x4 to x2)
- Raven's Dawn unique bow has been adjusted and is no longer a rush item.
- Dark knight set and council head set have been adjusted (nerfed, yep they were way to powerful)

When will the patch go live?
Next ladder reset. Estimated Ladder reset: 20th July 8PM CET

How to Apply the Patch & Connect

You will have to own a copy of Diablo 2 on which you will apply our Patch. Our installer will apply everything for you and the installed launcher will always make sure that you have the latest patch updated! DOWNLOAD INSTALLER
After the installation the Game Launcher should open automatically. Click Play and you are done!
In case of the Game not starting as it should follow this guide HERE and use it on the D2Loader.exe
If it is crashing on connection check your Data Execution Preventionon the D2Loader.exe
and add it on the list by following the instructioins below.
Windows Vista
Windows 8 & 10

This is an Image

Additional information:
The installer will install the following:
Dream of Harrogath Game Launcher (\Diablo II)
1.13c DLL's (\Diablo II)
D2Loader (\Diablo II)
Reg File (\Diablo II)
Maphack (\Diablo II\Stings map hack for 1.13c)
AutoTele (\Diablo II\Stings map hack for 1.13c\AutoTele 1.4)

Or Install and Connect Manually

It is NOT recommended to install it manually! So if you followed the steps above ignore this part. It is important to remember to check for patch updates otherwise you may notice strange results such as incorrect or missing animations or incorrect item stats and in some cases a crash can occur.

the patch its self is named Patch_D2.mpq which resides in the root Diablo II folder by default this is C:\Program Files\Diablo II

Download and extract the official Diablo 2 1.13c DLL Files into the root directory of your diablo 2 folder.
Offcial Diablo II 1.13c DLL's | Download

Download and extract the Dream of Harrogath Patch into the root directory of your diablo 2 folder.
Dream of Harrogath Patch: http://dreamgaming.co.uk/files/PatchFiles/0.2/Patch_D2.mpq

the number "0.2" inside the link is the version which will change in future updates so you will have to check the version in the Change Log and modify the link to get to the correct version.

To connect to our realm you need to change the server Diablo II trys to connect to, this can be done by changing an entry in the registry under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Battle.net\Configuration] although we don't recommend editing your registry unless you know what you are doing therefore we only provide details on how to connect using the Blizzard battle.net gateway editor

This is an Image

Extract the .exe from bnet_gateway_editor.zip and run it
(you can place it in the root Diablo II folder and create a shortcut)
Then launch the tool and be sure to select the Diablo tab at the bottom, Press 'Add Gateway', You will see the following window

This is an Image The important value here is, Name just identify's the entry.
Zone 0